Keitaro Yamaguchi, he was born in 1965.

His father ran a sushi restaurant, and he started helping for delivery, prepare and serve sushi as a boy in elementary school.

At the age of 19, he started working as a Kappo (Japanese cooking) chef in Kyoto, and moved to the United States at the age of 23.

He was working as a SUSHI chef at the Suntory restaurant in Chicago and he taught how to make SUSHI to Mexicans, Thailands, and many other foreign cooking staff.

After came back to Japan, started his own business at the age of 29, expanding his business to 4 more restaurants.
He produced many independent managers (12 restaurants in total until 2014)
Retired at the age of 55. And now present.

Qualifications : Japanese chef’s license, Registered blowfish handler,
Food coordinator, Wine Sommelier, Whiskey Certificate Level 2,
Japanese Whiskey Certificate 2-dan, and others

Message from the Instructor
 Sushi is an important part of Japanese food culture. Today, sushi has been replaced by conveyor-belt sushi, and has changed from NIGIRISUSHI to no Nigiri-Sushi, or Edo-mae “nose-sushi”.

Although there is a movement to pass on the skills of NIGIRISUSHI, MAKIMONO, and BOXED-SUSHI to future generations as a specialty sushi restaurant, SUSHI SKOOL K offers a specialized curriculum for NIGIRISUSHI, the most important of these, and with the spread of sanitary gloves, you can now enjoy NIGIRISUSHI at home in just a few practice sessions.

NIGIRISUSHI has become a familiar food. We invite you to experience the familiarity of NIGIRISUSHI and share it with your family and friends.

Assistant introduction:Mika. Kawata

Certifications : Japanese chef’s licensed,

Registered blowfish handler, Nursing food advisor, etc.

Note : Please be aware of the following
We are sorry, here are many cats and dogs in the neighborhood, and we keep shelter cats are kept in isolation on the first floor of the classroom.

Please, understand and that participation is not permitted.