One-day experience course 2 ~ 3 hours

(Varies depending on the number of party) 
13,000 yen for person 2 or more people 11,000 yen per person
※Half price for 10-15 years old

Usually comes empty handed.
*Please, inform us in advance of any fishes allergies, etc.
For details, please inquire at the time of application.

Introduction of 4 different gripping (How to NIGIRI) methods. 
(Tasting: Feel the difference in the way of gripping) 
Tate-Gaeshi, Kote-Gaeshi, Itte-Gaeshi, and Honte-Gaeshi

How to make the NIGIRI (Tate-Gaeshi or Kote-Gaeshi) in a hands-on experience.
Let’s try nigiri with just rice (SUSHI rice)
(What is the ideal gram? What is your ideal shape?)
Which is your favorite way to make SUSHI rice?
(Tate-Gaeshi or Kote-Gaeshi)
Are you OK with the way of NIGIRISUSHI?
Let’s try to NIGIRI with a story !
(NIGIRI with the instructor slowly, one step at a time)

Commemorative photo with Smart Phone or camera
And then, we eat it.

    SUSHI NETA (Ingredients)

☑ Fresh fish such as salmon, tuna, blue back fish, etc

☑ Cooked foods such as shrimp, eggs, and eel, etc
☑ Tuna mayo, bacon, grilled meat, and more some not traditional  
☑ Vegetables such as chinese cabbage, avocado, tomatoes, etc

We offer more than 8 kinds of various ingredients.


*We can prepare individual food items upon request such as not being able to eat raw fish, having allergies, vegetarian, vegan, Halal, etc.

We are trying to make NIGIRISUSHI with ingredients that are available at home, so that you can experience a variety of “ingredients” and discover new ones.

  • Reservations for all courses made at least before 2 days, please.
  • You can cancel the class at any time by following and with NOT violating our cancellation policy.
  • 50% of full payment fee will be charged cancel the day before.
  • 100% of full payment cancel on the activity day or no show.